Category: Victory in the West

Drive to the Elbe

The unqualified success in the north was the signal for all Allied armies to begin the victory sweep through Germany. While approving a plan for the Ninth and First armies to encircle the Ruhr, with the former remaining under Montgomery’s command, General Eisenhower directed that as soon as the Ruhr was secured, the Ninth Army […]

End of Hitler

The precise time when Hitler realized that the end was near is hard to place, but by mid-April it was clearly apparent to him that Allied and Soviet armies soon would split Germany in two. Reserving for himself the right to command in whichever part of Germany he happened to find himself when the split […]

German Surrender

The possibility of large scale but piecemeal surrender had been growing since mid-April, but because the Russians were suspicious lest the Germans make peace with the Allies while continuing to fight the Soviet armies, the Allies rejected most overtures. As early as April 23, Heinrich Himmler, head of the Waif en-SS, an elite ancillary force […]

WW2 Accomplishments and Cost

As hostilities came to an end, the German war machine and the German nation were crushed to a degree never before experienced in modern times. With the prior surrender of Army Groups B, G, and H and with the steamroller advance of the Soviet armies, no organized military units remained at the time of the […]