Category: Invasion in the South and Drive to the East

Invasion of Southern France

Even as Allied troops swept victoriously across Normandy, another Allied force staged a second amphibious invasion on August 15, this time on the south coast of France between Cannes and Toulon. This was the long-postponed Operation Anvil (also known as Operation Dragoon). Though Eisenhower in the spring of 1944 had recommended that this invasion not […]

Pursuit Toward the German Frontier

In the meantime, the main Allied armies in the north, having captured Paris and jumped the Seine on August 25, continued to pursue the Germans across northern France and Belgium toward the German border. In pre-invasion planning, General Eisenhower had decided to advance against Germany on a broad front. He planned to make his main […]

German Reorganization and Allied Supply Problems

As patrols of the First Army crossed the German frontier and the troops from the invasion of southern France linked with those of Overlord, an early end to the war appeared not only possible but probable. The ragged columns falling back to the ‘German border seemed thoroughly beaten, and on the eastern front Soviet armies, […]

Operations in the Netherlands and on the Franco German Border

In the light of the supply problems, Eisenhower’s continued determination to proceed into Germany on a broad front seemed to two of his subordinates a mistake. Montgomery insisted vehemently that Eisenhower should concentrate all his resources behind one part of the front, preferably in the north, and make one sustained drive all the way to […]